Twitter as “Zone of Professional Development”

Wanted to share an awesome blog post by Robert Madden – “Twitter – Zone of Professoinal Development.”

You can access the link here or full link:

I’m a firm believer in using Twitter for professional development. I’m in constant dialogue with teachers and educators. If I have a general or specific question about resources, technology, classroom management… I have hundreds of teacher “friends” who can help me out. We discuss philosophy and educational issues (standardized testing, merit pay, funding, culturally relevant pedagogy, etc.). I find myself completely immersed in education – it’s my passion. I’m able to still be engaged, to constantly learn from peers, to discuss and debate, even after my graduate seminars have ended… and it’s literally at my finger tips (Twitter linked to my Blackberry!).

I’ve tried to convince some of my classmates to join Twitter for the professional development both Robert Madden (@mrmadden77) and I participate in daily. Try it out!

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