My need for F2F Engagement – why I find “little time to blog”

After a summer hiatus from blogging, I want to return to writing by first reflecting on my use of blogging.

I’ve had a very eventful summer so far, professionally.  I traveled to Philadelphia for TEDxPhiladelphiaEd, EduBloggerCon, and ISTE11 in June.  I’ve been participating in the planning discussions for edcamptoronto. In the past 6 months, I’ve met so many great educators, teachers, consultants, administrators, and community members interested and invested in education.  We’ve chatted over coffee, lunch, dinner & dessert, discussing a range of topics from practical and problematic implementation of educational technology, particular software and hardware, research ideas, job links, and so on.

I’ve been constantly asking myself – do I need to blog about these great interactions, conversations, and experiences?

I first thought, “YES!” – that it was essential to record and return what I had learned, discussed, and debated.  Yet I found myself not having “enough” time to write a blog post.  I started to think critically about my use of time and energy, realizing that I actually DO have enough time…. but I prefer and plan for face-to-face conversations.

I do see the merits in blogging – and I will continue to do so as I see fit.  I do need to increase my frequency.  But I stand by the belief that personal and physical interactions and friendships cannot be beat.  Indeed, perhaps if I blog more, I’ll obtain more comments. But I’d rather use my time for banter over sushi and vegetarian cuisine – this is the “high” I crave (as my friend @KentManning described over one meal).  My brain remains in overdrive as I reflect well after I’ve parted ways with one friend – and continues when I bring the topic to another.  Whether or not a blog post comes from it – not my top priority just yet.

Perhaps I should be taking out my digital recorder and Flipcam more often for in-the-moment idea/conversation recording…


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