Accessibility & communication – reaching out

I want to quickly reflect on the language/content design of my website, relating it back to my priorities in inclusion & differentiation & apply it to my campaign development.

As I was writing the content for my campaign website, my friend & colleague Colin Harris (@digitalnative) helped with refining some ideas.  We worked together to make key priorities and approaches understandable to those who aren’t in the field of education while still reaching those who are.

I am also quite aware that having a words-only, English-based website will not reach everyone.  I couldn’t put a Translate widget, but did provide a link to web translation. I’m working on getting audio & video created.

But most importantly, I need to develop a face-to-face campaign and canvassing strategy that will enable me to talk with the residents of Ward 20.  How can I reach out in meaningful ways to not just the voters, but to all stakeholders involved?

We talk about this as educators: How can I reach and meet the needs the diverse students in the classroom? Translates well into political work, don’t you think?  I am flexible & willing to do what it takes to connect with and collaborate with the community I aim to serve.


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