Media Coverage re: Sex Education, Bill 13 & disclaimer

Here is another recent article from our 1st all-candidates meeting.

Disclaimer: The journalist focuses in on one topic, however does not make clear distinctions between the proposed Sex Ed curriculum and anti-bullying legislation, “Bill 13”. I only spoke in reference to the Sex Ed curriculum, the original question. Most candidates spoke of Bill 13.

Excerpt with clarifications added:

Monica Batac, a candidate and an educator, agreed that sexual education has to be approached carefully.

“Do I believe we need to create a curriculum that provides support for all students and make them feel safe? I do,” she said. “But we need to bring about this curriculum in a sensitive and appropriate way.”

Batac said in her conversations during the campaign, she saw that many parents are concerned about the curriculum change that [the province re: Health & Physical Education, specific to Sex Education] would bring.

“When it was proposed in 2010 at a provincial level, there were parents who removed their kids from our public schools and put them in Catholic schools because they had no idea in terms of this implementation,” she said.

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