“Newcomers baffled by our system” 2007 to today

This article in the Toronto Star by education reporter Kris Rushowy was printed in 2007.  This is nothing new & actually, nothing has changed.

Newcomers baffled by school system


Middle Eastern parents wonder why their children don’t get more homework. Russian parents might expect weekly reports from teachers. Some Pakistani parents find it rude to have to make an appointment to talk to the teacher.

For the country’s largest and most diverse school board – and others around Ontario with large numbers of immigrants – it’s a constant learning curve to help newcomer parents adapt to this country’s education system.

But they could be doing a better job – and it’s critical that teachers and parents get talking because children of recent immigrants drop out, fail, are suspended or streamed into non-academic courses in disproportionate numbers, Ryerson University professor Mehrunnisa Ali told a Toronto District School Board parent conference on the weekend at Scarborough Civic Centre.

Full article here.

Interestingly enough, I am the only candidate who speaks about the issues and needs of newcomer & immigrant (first-generation) students and families.  From the shortfalls of our ESL & settlement worker programs, proposing an alternative school to specifically help these students integrate into our Canadian educational system and society, to knowing full well TDSB needs to improve on their training for teachers in the field of cultural diversity/responsiveness… Newcomers and first-generation Canadians make up 78% of our population and we need innovative ways to meet their needs.

Vote for me, Monica Batac, #1 on the ballot, someone who understands the diverse needs of our students, schools, and communities.


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