Shoes and ePortfolios

I’ve been reading up on ePortfolios in education [oh yes, I should probably update you all on my new job. That’s an overdue post & a needed update on my web bios]. This shoe analogy made my day, so I wanted to share.

Good thing to keep in mind with any edtech integration, I’d say.

Introducing portfolios is just like buying shoes: the best choice depends on purpose and a really good fit happens over time, with lots of use and the right give and take by the user.

Spandel 1997, p. 573

Van Tartwijk & Driessen (2009) go on to say,

We would like to add that portfolios are like expensive shoes and even during the process of getting used to them, there will inevitably be times when one’s toes are really hurting.

However, for those owners who persist, the portfolio has the potential to become one of their best purchases.

I do find myself approaching ePortfolios similar to the way I shop for shoes at the mall. I take quite a bit of time scoping out the scene beforehand… looking online, looking what’s on the market, looking at tried, true & vetted options. I ask some people here and there for recommendations. I go into stores to try some on. I’ll walk around, imagine it applied to the purpose (every day wear, evening wear, running). Often there isn’t a perfect fit, so I usually continue the search. Sometimes, I purchase the closest fit anyway & cross my fingers hoping the material is as flexible as the retailer says. At the end of the day, I know my lifestyle, comfort level, fashion style, and budget.

I’ll keep you in the loop with my shopping. For now, I’m still window browsing.


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