A little update [!]

Many people argue the number one factor to a school’s success is the administrative leadership and vision. Teacher friends, can you imagine teaching in a school with a supportive leader who embraces, shares, and supports your philosophy of and approach to education?

Some of you are fortunate to have this already. Some of my mentors are in these leadership roles themselves. & while I’ve struggled with the current reality and difficulty in joining these friends in Ontario schools, a unique opportunity has come up for me.

Last week, I had an amazing interview with a female principal in the UK. The interview felt more like a conversation. I spoke very honestly and openly about my practice, experience and vision. None of those scripted teacher education responses – that’s not me anyway. Very quickly, I recognized that she and I share interests in anti-discriminatory education, collaborative teaching and learning, and working in and with marginalized communities.

I’m sure many of you know how amazing it is to meet and speak with someone who understands and shares your vision for education. On that early Tuesday morning (the time difference in the UK = 7am Skype interview), I got that rush, that adrenaline, those butterflies in my stomach that flutter during such uncanny connections.

During my teacher education days, I emphasized the desire to enter my ideal school culture. My ideal is a collaborative culture – not just with student learning, but between teachers, education staff, and administrators.

I’m happy to share with you all that I am joining a new teaching team and new school in the UK this January 2013. I’ll be teaching Kindergarten and working in a 5-person JK teaching team. This school has been struggling for the past decade & the new year brings new vision, new ideas, and new faces from all across the world. It’s reopening as an Academy [think American charter school]: I can already imagine some of you will be VERY interested in learning more about this system and space… me too, that’s why I took it.

I’ll share more with you as details unfold.

I’m back in the classroom, baby!



3 thoughts on “A little update [!]”

  1. Great news, Monica! I feel your rush! 🙂 Was great to read about this new beginning ahead for you! All the best! I will watch for your details!

    Take care!

  2. I look forward to reading more about your journey.
    I’m also considering going to the UK next year to teach (assuming I can get a job!).
    Did you go through an agency?

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