Reviving the Filipino Elderly Wellbeing Project

They say enthusiasm and positive energy are contagious. Especially in the case of the Filipino Elderly Wellbeing Project, I would definitely agree.

Little did I know a casual chat over coffee with Frank would move into some community mobilizing in a short matters of days.

Some of you may know that some of my work and research is with Filipino skilled workers and Filipino youth. After hearing about some of the community-based research happening on Filipino elderlies/seniors through Frank, I was happy to get involved in reviving the Filipino Elderly Wellbeing (FEW) Project. Who would have known it would’ve led to an impromptu deputation at a Town Hall meeting, then at Toronto’s City Hall?

Much has happened since my deputation. On January 19, 2016, Frank Villanueva, Fritz Pino and I hosted a community meeting to revive the project. The slides of our presentation can be found here.
Excited to share more details with you soon!

2016-01-19 16.51.09 2016-01-19 19.29.12 2016-01-19 16.50.50 FEW project revival - small

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