being filipinx diasporic & feminist – musing during my comps

Inspired by recent events in my own personal life and in the lives of those close to me in the Filipinx diasporic community in Tkaronto-Toronto, I share this beautiful quotation from Sara Ahmed, queer feminist of colour and bad ass inspiration for my work.
“There is no guarantee that in struggling for justice we ourselves will be just. We have to hesitate, to temper the strength of our tendencies with doubt; to waver when we are sure, or even because we are sure. A feminist movement that proceeds with too much confidence has cost us too much already… If a feminist tendency is what we work for, that tendency does not give us stable ground.” (2017, p. 6-7).
Thinking about our feminist stance and ethical behaviours: our code of conduct for working in the community, the ethical demands we place on our work and the work of our peers (and of course, our enemies). Invokes so many of the conversations I’ve had with my closest scholar friend, fiercy bruha Fritz Pino. Our conversations for over the past three years all come back down with this.
As we find the right words to describe our frustrations, we are build our feminist walls. These words are our bricks. Watch as we are building our feminist wall… in fact, we are building a feminist world!
Ahmed, Sara (2017). LIving a Feminist Life. Durham: Duke University Press.

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