Newcomer Families in Scarborough-Agincourt – No vote, no voice?

Four days until the campaign is over & I wish I had documented more of my experiences on my blog.  It has been eye-opening running this “grassroots” campaign & I’m sure after February 27, I will blog extensively about the experience.

From Day 1, I have been knocking on the doors of Scarborough-Agincourt residents not only asking them to vote for me, but to chat about their experiences, ideas, and concerns around education. This has been the foundation of my campaign.  We talk about student support, parental involvement and community consultation in broad terms but what do those truly mean?

My platform has refined and continues to refine on Scarborough-Agincourt’s diverse needs. I know this list will grow & change.  Yet one thing is for sure. Our newcomer students are in desperate need of additional support in our schools.

I have spoken openly about continuing to advocate for more of our allocated ESL dollars to be spent on ESL.  However, newcomer students need more than ESL.  Newcomer families need more than translations and services that help them understand our school system.  Newcomers need more than referrals.

I can write chapters about the experiences of our newcomer families here in Scarborough-Agincourt, seriously.  & I will share this openly and vocally as Trustee.  Though imagine, these families and these students have limited access to support specifically because language is in and of itself a barrier. Specific to this campaign, these newcomers do not even have the opportunity to vote to support a candidate who can advocate for their children.

Newcomer families in Scarborough-Agincourt have no vote but their voices are dying to be heard.

Who will listen? Who will take action?

Eye opening, I tell you.